November 2010: Budget Boat keeps busy in the St. Lawrence River as they prevent an oil spill during survey work on a sunken tanker.


Great happenings at our facility on Mantoloking Road!
  • We will be hosting a Manager’s Conference for West Marine later in November.

  • A welding seminar is scheduled for January.  Brian of Seaboard Welding Supply will lead classroom and practical demonstrations which will cover material for the beginner as well as the professional.  We are fortunate to have Brian and look forward to his sharing his expertise with us.  We will advise when a date has been set.

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Pre-Hurricane Planning Meeting!
  • Budget Boat Towing & Salvage will hold a Pre-Hurricane Planning Meeting at its training center tomorrow, Sept 1, 2010 at 10:00 AM. Local, State and Federal officials will be in attendance to discuss preparedness measures in the event of severe weather conditions.
  • Boaters are advised to visit the Hurricane Resource Center at for hurricane preparation advice.

Check out the new Captains' Operations Center. Thanks to Ron who custom made the desk for our captains.

Reminder that our new shop is located at 157 Mantoloking Rd.

We always welcome your feedback!

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July 18, 2010 - A busy Sunday for Budget Boat

The pictures below are a prime example of how not to dock your boat.


Yacht crashes in Shark River Inlet, June 2010

A 43 foot Silverton Motor Yacht crashed on the south jetty of Shark River Inlet in early June, as depicted below. For the first time, Budget towing had to use a helicopter to lift the last of the wreckage off the jetty.  Maybe we'll see a Budget Boat Airborne Salvage Division in the future?


McGinty Sunk, May 7, 2010

The McGinty, a 68 foot scallop boat, was sunk on the Axel Carlson Reef. She was stripped and prepared for the reef by the Budget Boat team.  She is now a memorial named “Wards Wreck” and dedicated to the memory of a local fisherman.


West Marine Store

The gang from Budget Boat were at the West Marine Store in Brick on April 9-11, 2010 to assist in renewing memberships and explain the many benefits of their program.


March 12, 2010 Demonstration at New Office Building

The following photos were taken at a Salvage and Pollution Response Demo for Point Beach High School.



January & February 2010 Photos

Budget Boat perseveres throughout the New Year. As temperatures drop, rescues remain constant.



October 2009: As Halloween approaches, Budget Boat keeps busy!

Below are some salvage pictures from late October 2009. Roll your mouse over each image to see more!


Sailboat Salvage

The images below are of a sailboat salvage on October 12, 2009.  The boat went up on the rocks at Deal.  The wreck stove in the port side and opened up the keel.  Budget Boat had to keep a pump running on it overnight until they could haul it out the following day.  The pictures show the water running out of the keel as it was lifted from the water. 


Nor-Easter Causes Boat Sinking, September 2009

Below are pictures of a dockside boat sinking with triple Honda outboards.


Stormy Weather

September 2009 brought upon much salvage work for Budget Boat Towing, due to storms, winds and rough waters.


Golf Cart Rescue!

Budget Boat retrieves a golf cart on September 6, 2009 that went off the dock at Brielle Yacht Club.


Fuel Spill

The pictures show Budget Boat's response to a fuel spill on August 11, 2009.


"Go Fast Boats"

Below are some pictures from the Salvage on July 25, 2009 at Sailors Quay in Brick.


Recent Boat Fires

On July 8, 2009, Mantoloking Cove Marina responded to an incident involving four boats, resulting in three total losses and one with minor damage.


Budget Boat Towing involved in TWO rescues - Memorial Day weekend 2009

On May 23, 2009, The Star Ledger wrote a story featuring Budget Boat Towing's amazing rescue of a head-on boat crash killing one and injuring others on the Manasquan River. For the entire story, please visit NJ.COM.

Below are pictures from the both of the tremendous rescues in May.


TowBoat US Manasquan Awarded "Tower of the Year!"

A huge honor for Budget Boat Towing, considering it’s a nationwide program. The major achievement is the fact that Budget Boat Towing has a ten year, unblemished, safety record which shows the compnay's constant attention to safety.


Grand Opening at West Marine Superstore, Brick, NJ

The grand opening for the West Marine Store in Brick went very well, drawing in a huge crowd of visitors.  Budget Boat Towing employees were there to show support and handed out nearly three thousand hot dogs to customers.


New Office Building
The new building on Mantoloking Road in Brick, NJ is coming along well. Check back to the site for updates and additional photos.


TowBoat US Aids in Recovering a Dead Dolphin from the Ocean

TowBoat US was featured in the news in April 2008 when a dead 350-pound bottle-nosed was recovered from the ocean about a half-mile off the Manasquan beach. TowBoat US donated a boat and skipper to run the dive team out for the recovery. Divers Tom Conroy and Tom Trafer entered the water and strapped the body onto a backboard. TowBoat Captain Rick Frye aided in pulling the animal onto the boat.