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Environmental and Salvage Response Since 1986
Spill Response Trailer

This trailer is equipped with all PPE for a spill including tyveks, hard hats, gloves and more plus generators for AC/DC power, on scene lighting and wireless communications. This is our main command post on a job  

Absorbent Trailer

This trailer carries all of our absorbents from job to job. In this trailer we carry oil pads, oil boom, sweep and more

Salvage Trailer 

In this trailer is everything we need for a salvage. In it is lift bags, straps, chain, pumps, hoses, damage control and more

Mobile Storage Trailer

This trailer has a shipping container on it which can be used for on job storage 

Logistics Trailer

The Logistics Trailer can be brought to any job and can be used as an on site office or living quarters 

Dive Support Trailer / Equipment Trailer


In this trailer we keep anything we may need for a dive job and other pieces of equipment to get the job done 

Containment Boom Trailer

On this trailer is Containment Boom ready to deploy in case of a spill



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